👋 Hello! I'm Dmitry
Full Stack Web-Developer
and Product Manager

Waffle Street is the first Belgian Waffles cafe in Irkutsk city. Me and my lovely wife started to work on that project in 2014. While the ShoppingMall where we wanted to be located was building we had time to create that perfect recipe and overall concept of the place. In 2015 we've had our first guests...

When you run a restaurant or a cafe business there are two type of software used:

  • Back-office where you build all dishes from ingridients, set prices, have millions of reports and graphs to check on business health stats.
  • POS where cashier make sales. Sure thing those software are in sync with each other and you can grab any data on any sale any time the sync was made.

But I needed to have operative info on daily sales and frequently it happened when I was away from back-office PC. I really like digging into data structures and one day I got my hands on database of a POS software - Frontol.

Frontol uses Firebird database so it was possible to analyze all the records. After figuring out all queries that would get me needed data I've put up my first mobile app using Apache Cordova and WebSocket protocol to read data directly from POS the moment I need it.