👋 Hello! I'm Dmitry
Full Stack Web-Developer
and Product Manager
Dmitry Ossipov

About me

👋 Hello! I'm Dmitry. I've started my self-tought development journey near MS Windows'98 release date. Back then I was 14 y/o citizen of collapsed Soviet Union living in Siberia. I've hosted my CBBS and served FidoNET mail as a node (2:5071/24). I've been developing mIRC scripts and witnessed evolution of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP.

I have experience of working as a freelance designer and developer. As a designer 🎨 I did prints and web UIs with Photoshop and Illustrator. As a 🛠 developer I had my hands on popular PHP projects — vBulletin, phpBB, InvisionPB, Mambo-Joomla, ActiveCollab and Wordpress. Also I've sold hosting services and done some DevOps work for my clients.

While beeing a student of Siberian American School of Management I've done NDA freelance work for Russian Railway Company, City Airport, Government and some large local companies. After graduation I tought students practical PHP basics at my Alma Mater 👨‍🏫.

I've been co-founder of cafeteria.ru project where I had opportunity to work with great Engineers and Sales Team as a Product Manager.

In year 2015 me and my lovely wife started first Belgian Waffles cafe in a city — Waffle Street. Fun fact is that we've had that name before the movie Waffle Street hit the theateres 😉.

I really enjoyed working with real people and serve to our guests but now I want to return to online world to catch up with new technology and hopefully become a part of a large worldwide corporation and grow as a Product Manager.

As a hobby I really like playing acoustic guitar 🎸 and travelling 🏝.